Acceptance of payment cards in sales locations

Making payments with cards in sales areas leads to a stable growth in the number of clients and sales volume   

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  • Low POS-terminal rental cost
  • Customer friendly commission fees
  • We visit our clients

mPOS-terminal is a new product!

  • Perfect for small enterprises, individual merchants and commerce on the move - including itinerant trade, fairs, events etc.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS operating system for mobile phones and tablets
  • Terminals send electronic receipts via email or SMS; no need to spend extra money on paper
  • It is possible to keep records of the goods sold  
  • Monthly subscription fee of 6 EUR + VAT

Other Terminals

Stationary POS-terminal

  • Suits small/medium enterprises with a fixed sales area
  • Internet connection is required
  • Monthly subscription fee of 12.99 EUR + VAT

Mobile POS-terminal

  • Suits all enterprises, including enterprises dealing with itinerant trade, restaurants, making deliveries, etc
  • A terminal may be used anywhere where mobile network coverage is provided
  • A SIM card for internet connection offered by LMT, Tele2, or Bite is required
  • For your convenience, we will provide you with a SIM card offered by LMT 
  • Monthly subscription fee of 12.99 EUR + VAT

Integrated cash register systems

  • Suits enterprises with large number of customers using cash register systems into which a POS-terminal may be integrated
  • Speeds up the payment process; no need to enter sales amounts twice
  • Monthly subscription fee is charged individually

Embedded POS-terminal

  • Suits car parking areas, parcel stations, gas stations, etc. where clients are offered the possibility of self-service
  • Card payments are made without the involvement of extra people
  • Monthly subscription fee of 27.00 EUR + VAT

A special offer for small enterprises

  • Free POS-terminal subscription for the first six months
  • Commission fee for each transaction of 0.99% + 0.01 EUR for clients whose turnover through one POS-terminal does not exceed 10 000 EUR.
  • Commission fee for each transaction 0.85% + 0.01 EUR for the clients whose turnover through one POS-terminal exceeds 10 000 EUR.

Merchant’s portal – free of charge!

  • A convenient, simple and safe way to monitor an enterprise’s transactions made with payment cards
  • Information about the amount of the enterprise’s transactions and bank commission fees in the last two years
  • Eight types of daily and monthly reports in terms of a POS-terminal or the whole enterprise containing information about the cash disbursement service, events of fraud and reclamation, as well as electronic sales of prepaid codes. 
  • Specialist support in case of questions or problems
  • The service is provided by the bank’s cooperating partner First Data Latvia Ltd. (find more information by calling +371 67092555 or by emailing

How to obtain a POS-terminal?

  • You must to sign a contract and, unless it has already been done, open an account with Citadele
  • After the contract has been signed, the POS-terminal of your choice will be installed in Riga within three days or outside Riga – within five days

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